An Introduction to Airway Orthodontics

Better Face. Better Airway. | taught by Barry Raphael, DMD
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The shape of the face, and hence, the airway, is a major risk factor for sleep and breathing disorders. This risk begins very early in life and can be influenced, for better or for worse, by lifestyle behaviors and therapeutic modalities. Learn how evidence-based practices and cutting edge therapies can be used to improve the outcomes for people of all ages.

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Barry Raphael, DMD
Barry Raphael, DMD
"My mission is to promote the idea that the function of the human airway is related to oral health and should be paramount in the diagnostic and therapeutic process in dentistry and orthodontics."

Dr. Barry Raphael has been a specialist in orthodontics since 1983, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania (1978, DMD), and the orthodontic residency of Fairleigh-Dickenson (1983).  

He joined the practice of his father, the late Jerry Raphael, at that time and has since, transformed the practice into the Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics in Clifton, New Jersey, USA. ( 

He is also founder and director of the Raphael Center for Integrative Education, a resource for continuing education in airway-related orthodontics and dentistry and a facility which hosts independent integrative practitioners (

Barry teaches these concepts at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in Manhattan, and a various lecture sites around the country and Canada.  Here is his CV.

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